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ey ey ey all u bubblebutt’s. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) this is my follow forever PART 1

i’m doing it bc tumblr is being a lil’ bitch so here is A until L

so i recently hit 1.1k which i think it’s crazy and it’s only been a few months say what. It’s been a while since i’ve done a follow forever & i’ve wanted to do a second one for a long time!  I kept postponing it since i follow a lot of rad blogs and it’s going to take too g o d d a m n long to list all of the baes and i’m too lazy to do it. except now. [EPIC BACKGROUND MUSIC]

first of all, i want to thank every single follower for sticking with me and my perverted jokes i promise i’ll be good from now on don’t believe me, i’m lying srsly.  whip me.

this isn’t the emmy’s or golden globe so i’m just going to start without a speech except the one i just did but that’s nothing so don’t say anything about it you little shit

are u ready? no? too bad sucker

here we go


asswarden - antivantrash - aobias - arcanedefender - arnoscoat - arno-dorkian - aestheticzombie - atlasaskskindly - aydenpearce - augustne - auditoreos - aidensbutt - apocalypseandart - astyth - abigailswalkers - altair-ibn-la-badass - altair - actualgreywarden - anndewitt - antivanscum - burialatsky - biowarefangirlism - brotherhoot - buymevideogames - biosshock - bookersdewitt - bookerduhwitt - baioshock - bigbyywolff - condvit - conduiitz - cierin - couslands - carmine-brothers - callmebooker - chronicpainhawke caterinaasforzas - claralilleofficial - doriansbootytime - dwarvenkin - dewtts - delsinsfire - dedsechacker - drakenathans - dunwall - doesthisunithavefreewifi - daantjedoup - danaduchy - dearcorvodlsinrowe  - ded-sec


elizabethlutece - eilizabeth - evescontroller - esteljune - elizabethcomstalker - evilboot - fieryelise - fuckyeah-thelastofus - fmeorfofffuckyesthelastofus - fenrism - fereldentrash - frankierohno - firstlights - fontaiiine - falloutrebellion - fargut - gaarrus - guns-n-crofts - get-in-the-animus - geraltsbooty - goodnightgotham - gamersdaily - gamersbliss - gamers-denial - hyruleyourbutt - hanar-assassin - hanclsomejack - hawke-vas-normandy - hythmknwy - hooked-on-tonics - happywalrider 


ironbull - iron-bae - ivilspirits - ibnlahad - inquisitorz - janeshepardsbooty - joiningthegeekyside - jrtf - justcallmebooker - jimyvegas - joel-ellie - janinebrody - kanyehtiio - knways - kaiho-sha - kiraspawn - kingoftheboyscoutss - kirknstuff - kaldwins - kaidaned - kaniehtiio - larahcroft - letsgetonwithit - letsgetamoveonn - lyrium-and-biotics - liarasothersideboob - lips-red-as-the-rose - lolzforshits - lonergamer - ladyaceris - laracorft - llutece 

as you can see i have no bolded ones or ones in italic b/c as a momma i love all of my followers equally what did i just say OmFG

that took too damn long. omg

I’m not going to post my blogroll since I follow some NSFW- blog so ye ye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i want you to tell urself you’re  the bomb right now b/c you are.

say it.

out loud.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

part 2 here


I admit, I am an asshole. But I got a nice booty and my hair is soft so I feel like I deserve the best like ????

Reignite Malukah 6,637 plays


Reignite // Malukah

Death will take those who fight alone

But united we can break a fate once set in stone

Just hold the line until the end

Cause we will give them hell

“A good writer with a sad idea and a malicious side is a person to fear.”

Me. Cause it’s true. (via godiscobalt)

(via counterpunches)


Wow so somehow I am 13 followers away from 200 which to me is super major! And since I have been wanting to do a Follow Forever for a long while now so here goes (sorry it’s nothing fancy):

First of THE BEST OF THE BEST aka the people that I consider to be really close friends.


i build my new computer this weekend and i can finally play skyrim on high high quality!! ahhh im so excited!!!


im so miserable but i laugh at everything

                      ” "Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt," that was the deal. The details elude me now, but you know what? The details wouldn’t change a goddamn thing.”

like 5 minutes ago i was at 2402 now im at 2407 

y’all so sweet uwu